Gamma Delta Therapeutics – Brand & Website

A pioneering approach to curing cancer


Gamma Delta came to us as a funded fledgling medical start up that hope to revolutionise the way we treat cancer in human tissue. Forward thinking and highly specialised, we needed to create a brand and online presence that emulated what they did. 

The basis of their treatment was the ‘t-cell’ and it was clear that they wanted this represented within the logo. The T-cell structure and how it looked under a microscope didn’t translate well as an actual logo. We used the main body and shape structure to come up with an emblem that worked literally as well as metaphorically. 



To go alongside the logo we used a strong and interesting typeface in uppercase format that enhanced the feel of modern, scientific and contemporary goals of the company.

We then developed and designed their website. It needed to be a platform that worked synonymously with the company ethics and brand. Clean, clear and bold, it portrays an innovative style that is informative. The use of blues and greens, sans serif fonts and scientific imagery throughout  reflected the cutting edge ambition of the science. 



Overall we understood the importance and meaning of the company and feel that we have enhanced their branding and aesthetics to show this. 

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