Mixer – A Network Management Platform

Mixer – Changing the way businesses connect.


The basis of Mixer was a discovery tool for forward-thinking enterprises, fast growing startups, and vetted service providers.  Mixer is an online  platform to help businesses find one another in a way that is easy to use, clean and clear. It allows users to be specific to their companies need and their project. 

The foundation of mixer is of a huge directory network of nearly 34,000 of start-ups, corporate and service providers mainly in the tech and online space. Unique in the way you search and filter, it allows the user to find exactly what they want, where and when in a few clicks.  Innovative in the way it pairs and matches, meaning you can search easily for specialists, connect with the right companies and get the right people for the right parts of your project. 

Not only does Mixer provide this, but we also developed a project management type tool.  The user can track, share and discuss a projects requirements with the best people.  Its seamless UI and functionality means your collaborative projects can easily be seen and followed from inception to completion. 

Overall Mixer is an invaluable tool to all those seeking outsourced work for any web/tech based project. The reach is far and the opportunities grand. We look forward to launching many more new features that will be coming very soon. 

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