Scede – Revolutionising Recruitment

Graphic Design / Print Design / Website Development

Changing Conventions


Scede provides a unique and unparallelled approach to the hiring sector. Using the ‘Embedded model’, Scede engages with their clients using a method that is both extensive and uncompromising when addressing the clients wants and needs.



Through infographics and visually lead material, Ether helped Scede to grow into one of the biggest competitors in the hiring business and with clients like Google and Amazon, as well as start ups such as Halo, Scede’s approach to diversifying the way that they aid and communicate with their clients has set them apart.

Ether wanted to portray Scede as innovative, experienced and above all highlight their outstanding performance in delivering results. We did this by visually combining essential data with straightforward designs. Through this, Scede achieved a total of 42 hires for company Hailo in a three month period for their London HQ office.

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