The Hop Shop

An online store that takes you to the Garden of England


The Hop Shop is an award winning  family run business in the heart of Kent. Their farm, which is the largest Lavendar farm in the UK, has grown over the years and now specialises in  Lavendar production and products.  The Hop Shop team had very definite ideas about taking the next steps and needed an ecommerce site that could cater to their ever expanding  online offerings.

The challenge was to fit the various aspects of the business, farm shop , specialist products, meat and farm visits seamlessly in to one site. Here at Ether we understood the intricacies and difficulties of applying such a diverse online system and helped them realise their vision and discover the potential for their business.


“We wanted to give the hop shop an identity that the picturesque farm deserved. With over 100 products, it was crucial that the user experience was simple and the look and function reflecting the hop shop brand and philosophy.”

The HopShop  wanted to ensure that the site reflected their farm and unique brand that beautifully accommodated the huge  product range they offer.  The Hop Shop site utilises WordPress and Woo Commerce and each element was custom coded.



We provided a dynamic approach to the products sold.  Creating a bespoke user-friendly CMS module with drag and drop options for the client to customise to the exact layout they required.

The combination of traditional, clean web design and beautiful photography; the hop shop gives it’s users an insight into the Kentish countryside, and a chance to buy a piece of it.

In the first week of launch, The Hop Shops traffic and transactions almost quadrupled. 

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