TownFish – London:Connected

An unbiased online community for all things LDN.


The amount of things to do, places to go, eat, drink and experience in London is overwhelming to say the least.  What was more worrying was how many biased and untrustworthy sites reviewed and recommended these City Centre haunts.

In collaboration with a passionate Londoner, Ether was to create a truthful online community.

Essentially a signposting website, he wanted to reflect the unbiased content in an easy to use and simple interface.

Driven by social media and populated by the people that live in London, the site, unique and the most sophisticated of its type, was a challenge for the Ether team .

Whilst we built the site using WordPress it stretched the system to its limits and gave us the opportunity to push the development team. An unprecedented  amount and diversity of content as well as a strong multi-functional platform, Townfish has been designed and developed to have no limits to what London has to offer.


Currently developing a forum so that contributors can help visitors or residents with what to do, what to see, where to go and where to eat. It will seamlessly  provide  the ultimate online presence of sharing the best, and worst of London life.

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