The Hadlow Group has taken huge steps in expanding the past few years, and as part of this they wanted to integrate their Alumni into this.

Now consisting of West Kent College, Ashford College and Hadlow College, they wanted to unite them with their Alumni.
The first stage was to develop a brand for the Alumni. It needed to work alongside the existing  individual college brands, but also give the Alumni brand a distinctive modern feel.




Once a strong brand guideline was created, we moved on to supporting material, from brochures, leaflets and membership cards.
The site would include all the Colleges, each with an individual landing page, under the umbrella of the Hadlow Group.
Rather than each College just having an Alumni page, the website enabled the Colleges to have the Alumni all together and centrally manage the design and core content.



The aim of the website was to encourage past students and current to become part of the Alumni. This was done by designing a clean, modern, fully responsive site that was easy to navigate and clear. Pulling information of events and news from all Colleges it also provided an easy access platform for information, giving the user a one-stop-shop of everything they want and need to know.