We have been working with the Kent Rural Careers since its inception. Now, we have taken it to the next level with the latest artificial intelligence.  The Chatbot.

After creating a site, app and branding campaign for Kent Rural Careers, we wanted to utilise the latest technologies available to connect with the audience, which was predominantly 14 to 20 year olds. After extensive research we found that this age group spent a considerable amount of time using social media on the mobile devices everyday.




We felt that to really engage with the user, we needed to use a platform that they are familiar with and already spend a lot of time on.

We chose to integrate our chatbot with Facebook messenger.

The Kent Rural Careers Facebook Messenger Chatbot helps young people find inspiration, with information about 164 different careers within in the rural sector.

Using an Artificial Intelligence platform Chatfuel.  It does not replace careers advisers and careers advice, but it represents a clever, intuitive and interactive way to get young people engaged with their options.




Within the application, we created a quiz that users can take to signpost them and get them thinking about the skills they already have and what areas interest them.

The Chatbot can ask a series of questions and depending on the answers there are 100’s of different outcomes based on the question/answer pathways.

For Ether, this was our first step in applying AI in what we do, and we are sure to use it much more in the future.