Content Production

Getting exactly the right message across for your business is vital whatever the sector.  Ether Creative looks at the current market, evaluates your strengths and tailors content accordingly.

Ether can produce high impact content for both digital and print and can identify exactly what you should be saying and when.  We can use a host of tools to help create content whether it is traditional media copy or something more unusual and conceptual.  The way in which people communicate has become completely interactive so let us help you discover how your message can be heard.

Social Management

Ether Creative can provide a range of high-value social media services through which we help our clients to achieve tangible results from their social media activities.

We have expertise in devising a social media strategy, creating a social media plan, providing Facebook and Twitter management.  We look at B2B marketing through LinkedIn, or running a programme of social media using other social media channels.

We build social interaction with people so you can create, share or exchange information and ideas. Choosing the right platforms can be over-whelming, whether we start you off or take on your social management we can come up with the best plan for your business.



Ether Creative has years of experience writing for a wide client portfolio. Sharp, clever and relevant copy can make the difference for any business.

Good copy will help your sales message come across loud and clear. It will help you develop relationships with your clients. And it will give you an edge over your competitors; put simply, good copywriting can transform perspectives. Ether Creative can create engagement with your audience in a number of ways; blogs, news posts, website content, press releases, adverts, direct mailing or campaigns.


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