User Interface Design

Who is more important than our clients? Their clients.

Every aspect of our work we consider the user and how layout, functionality and above all how the user interacts with our design.

We have a strong understanding of trends, web psychology and analytics to plan and apply the ultimate design for our clients base demographic.


Pictures tell a thousand words, and at Ether we realise that sometimes, nothing beats excellent imagery.

From studio photography through to event and location photography.

We believe in seeing things through a lens not just a screen.

Graphics & Visual Design

Ether Creative love a design project we have a portfolio that spans most industries and have produced a large number of graphics from Billboards to business cards.

Getting it right is what counts and we have lots of experience listening to our clients and coming up with the perfect design.


Brand Identity Design

Ether understands that companies need to achieve a strong identity and ethos in both the digital and real world.

We believe in getting to know you and how you want to represent yourself through your brand.

From a variety of mediums, we look at all aspects of how the brand will be used, and how it can be translated and stand out in an overwhelming and highly populated market, whilst always making sure the brands integrity is intact.

Art Direction

Creativity is what Ether is all about.

The power of visionary guidance to fulfill creative potential is something we don’t take lightly.
Collaborating is key to artistic success in a range of mediums;  harnessing the talent from ourselves and our clients to ultimately produces an unique and innovative perspective.

Experience in branding through to advertising and marketing.

There is no limit to the Ether Creativity.

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