We recently released our new mobile App ‘Country Eye’ – an Information Reporting App for people living and working in Rural Kent. Working closely with the Kent Police Force and neighbourhood watch organisations, we found that Rural crime is often unreported, which we wanted to solve.
The issue most people had was victims or witnesses often found the process time consuming or irrelevant, so we wanted to make the process quick, easy and effective.

This was achieved seamlessly with a beautiful user interface, powerful platform and effective administrator capabilities. The user is able to record and report useful information, with it being passed on to the most suitable authority and dealt with accordingly. All from the app.

We launched the app at the Kent Show – Kent’s’ largest and most popular Agricultural Show,with over 70,000 visitors. BBC South East interviewed the key members of the organisations spearheading the app, and talked about the benefits and pioneering techniques used within the app in reporting information. The segment was in a primetime slot at 6pm on BBC South East on Friday 10th July.

country-eye-2 countryeye-press
We also prominently featured in Kent Messenger – the UK’s fastest growing news network, in a Friday edition of the regional newspaper.

The reception from the general public, media, crime prevention organisations and the Police Force has been overwhelmingly positive, with a huge amount of downloads when it became available on the iOS and Android app store. The app is completely free to download and has already proven to work hugely successfully in reporting of Rural crime and useful information.

To download on the iOS store please visit https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/country-eye/id953437006?mt=8 and for Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.countryeye.countryeye