WFM was one of our earliest babies. The fact we were cast to redevelop it just goes to show how long we’ve been designing and developing! The times are a’changing and we were on hand to revamp WFM to first and foremost respond to the way the public image of farming is changing and secondly to bring the site up-to-date with all the latest and greatest web developments.

As a project WFM is all about educating. With that as the key what better way to convey crucial info than in the format of a story? The home page functions as a vertical slider as you scroll through facts, figures and info about farming in Kent.

The site has been made fully-responsive so it functions smoothly across mobile platforms and the redesign was all about cutting clutter and keeping it clean and clear. We have a simpler colour design and page layouts were made more consistent so it’s easier to view and take in all the info on offer.