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Kestrel Technologies

Crafting a brand and website for one of the countries best precision parts fabricators.

Kestrel Technologies

The Challenge

Kestrel Technologies needed to reposition themselves as the leading provider for precision machined parts in the United Kingdom.

In a market where attention to detail and specificity matter, we set about building a brand that would represent the work and passion the team at Kestrel have for their craft.

The real challenge came with the design and build of a highly adaptable and brand-fitting website that would serve as a solid basis for conveying their message well into the future.

We helped Kestrel Technologies tell their story and explain their value proposition through a bold new identity and a interactive online experience.

— Alex Collins, Lead Designer

Kestrel Technologies Branding Material
Branding Material - Project Binder, Part Sticker and Part Packet
Kestrel Business Cards
Business Cards
Kestrel Technologies Website Homepage
Kestrel Thechnologies Mobile Website
Kestrel Thechnologies Mobile Website Machines
Kestrel Technologies Website About Page
Kestrel Technologies website, built on Craft CMS
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