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Rosemary Shrager

Rebranding an icon in the UK food scene. Rosemary needs no introduction, but for the uninitiated, think gorgeous British fare with a personality to match!

Rosemary Shrager
Rosemary Shrager new brand design
Rosemary Shrager Identity Design Stationary
For Delicious Food Just add a hint of Rosemary
Rosemary Shrager Italian Food

The Project

Following the closing of her eponymous cookery school in 2019, Rosemary was looking to build a new, fresh and exciting brand. It would need to represent her vivacious outlook on life and her unwavering commitment to immaculate cooking and beautifully fresh, local produce.

We worked closely with her team to develop a brand that hit all those notes and would stand the test of time as a 'classic yet modern' wordmark and colour scheme.