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TrainMyAthlete is a startup focussed on enabling seamless management of athletes for sports clubs; both big and small. Industry-leading features and innovative ways of managing large amounts of data made this project really exciting.


The Challenge

Back in 2014 we built v1 of TrainMyAthlete. It was an MVP of sorts and enabled the team to understand the market, the appetite for features and overall user experience. Fast forward to the start of 2018 and the team at TrainMyAthlete were ready to start from scratch, taking the ideas and concepts that worked in v1 and expand on the features, versatility and user experience to help them market the product to the top-tier professional clubs. We had an initial kick-off meeting with a laundry-list of features that should, where possible, make the cut in the final product. Then, we set to work.

Train My Athlete App Workout
Train My Athlete Poster

The Design

As with all projects like this, we started with a comprehensive wire-framing process; plotting out the UX and figuring out the scope. We soon discovered that the project was far greater in scope and more nuanced in functionality than originally thought. This led us to design and build a component system that could be employed easily by the entire team; reducing blocking and allowing for a more collaborative and proactive creative process.

Train My Athlete Sketch Artboards

Mobile App

A key component of the platform is what's dubbed the 'Athlete's app'. In order to ensure the training loop is closed, coaches, medical staff and dieticians need a quick and easy way to get in touch with athletes and log all their information in one place. This includes everything from sharing detailed workouts to asking timely questions and sharing yesterday's training videos.

Train My Athlete Mobile App Schedule

"Athletes love the look and feel of the app. The simple to use interface and effortlessly cool UI has made it a real winner for our customers."

Train My Athlete Mobile App Feed
Train My Athlete Mobile App Showcase
Train My Athlete - mobile app showcase including the feed and schedule

Web App

The web app is the engine room for the TrainMyAthlete platform. Built on an enviable modern tech stack including React, GraphQL, PostgreSQL and Postgraphile all running inside our project-tailored Docker containers allowing rapid deployment and scaling as business needs change.

We worked hard to ensure that the codebase was both modular and lightweight, utilising efficient build pipelines on the frontend and utilising some of Postgres' more powerful features for data management and querying.

The 'help yourself' registration with baked in 30 day trial utilises Stripe's subscription tools to make the billing process painless for both TrainMyAthlete and their customers.

Admins and professionals using the platform are greeted with an intuitive, fast, and powerful interface for managing and interrogating all the data needs that come with managing world-class sporting teams. From instant reporting across hundreds of data points with industry-leading performance analysis and predictive injury warnings to modular and customisable workout builders which help to create a truly unique experience for everyone the product touches.

Train My Athlete Workout Builder
Train My Athlete Web App Report
Train My Athlete Web App Report Injury

Project Services

  • Discovery
  • Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Image Sourcing
  • Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Wireframing
  • Web Design
  • Development
  • Frontend Development
  • Craft CMS Integration
  • Post Project
  • Maintenance
  • Server Management