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Designing and building a next-generation travel planning platform for the adventurous vacationer


Our Challenge

TripMapper's founders; Alex and Emma have always been keen adventure travellers. With both of them having a busy work life, they found themselves planning their trips meticulously to make sure they got the most out of the time they were away. They had tried a bunch of different tools, but nothing really stuck – so, with their travel plans grounded due to COVID, they set about building their dream platform so that it'd be ready for when the world opened back up.

The brief was simple; fresh, but classy branding and a web and mobile app that really got people excited about planning their next holiday.

TripMapper needed a platform that got people excited about the planning stages of their next trip; building anticipation to create joy.

Our Solution

Our solution started with the notion that planning a trip should be fun and exciting - not a convoluted mess of spreadsheets, emails and calendar entries. The brand, platform and app needed to be approachable and fun, but at the same time sophisticated – after all users are trusting TripMapper to help manage their most anticipated event of the year.

Trip Mapper Branding Exploration
Some early explorations with the branding direction.
Branding Exploration 3
Refining the ideas and seeing how they could look on app icons.
Branding Exploration 2
Final round of exploration before picking a final mark.
Trip Mappr Banner
Trip Mapper Business Card
Trip Mapper T Shirt

Web App

We knew we wanted the platform to be available on the web as well as via native apps, so we set about deciding on the best infrastructure to build out our MVP. We decided on Craft CMS for the application and API layer as it allowed us to offload a large amount of custom logic, especially CRUD operations on the data and allow us to focus primarily on the client application and UI. We chose Preact, a fast 3kB alternative to React with the same modern API. The frontend connects to Craft via their first-party GraphQL API.

In order to give web users a fast and responsive experience, we focused on developing interactions and experiences that helped the UI feel more native, so users would be able to focus on planning their trip and for it to feel like they were using a desktop app.

Trip Mapper Web 1
View each day as columns and each activity as an interactive card.
Trip Mapper Web 4
Users can also view their itinerary as a simple list.
Trip Mapper Web 3
Clicking an activity shows a detail view with notes, tasks and times all easily accessible.
Trip Mapper Desktop Teaser

Mobile App

We designed and built a cross-platform mobile app capable of all the same functionality as the web version, but for those busy travellers on the go! The app uses technology such as push notification and offline data storage to make the user's trip productive and accessible wherever they are.

Trip Mapper App 1
Trip Mapper App 2
Trip Mapper App Teaser