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We are Kent's leading mobile app designers and developers, with extensive experience in fully native and react native development.

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Meet the experts

At Ether we pride ourselves at being experts in everything we do, that’s why we offer the very best service when it comes to mobile app development and design. From idea to app store, we provide the full package to see your visions become reality. We strongly believe in collaboration and communication, so making sure our clients are in every part of the journey is essential.

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Getting things started

Establish & Research

We like to establish a strong relationship with our clients. We believe in transparency and honesty throughout a project. Talking things through we can work out the key requirements, get to know your brand and most importantly; your audience. From here, we get stuck into the research stage.

A good designs’ foundation is having an understanding of what you’re creating; we look at the mobile app market and competitors. We then focus on your users to establish the most effective and functional way to achieve the perfect User Experience and User Interface for your app. After this is decided, we then discuss the possibilities of custom built APIs and which tool kits will be needed.

Consult & Plan

Once we have gathered up an abundance of information and accessed how we will build, we relay this to you and discuss which direction we feel the mobile app needs to go. At this point, we look into and assess whether to implement as iOS, Android or both. Once you are happy with the direction the project is going, we start planning. This is the first stage where we start to apply a long term strategy.

Through the use of storyboards and basic wireframes with the latest apps like marvel, we create a screen by screen illustration of the app that allows us and you to understand and evaluate user flow and function.

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Time to get creative

Once everyone is happy we’re heading in the right direction, it’s time to roll up our sleeves. Working closely with our front and back-end developers, the artwork is not only designed to look the best it can, but it is also consistently optimised for the mobile user experience.

Matching the capabilities of development, the seamless design is created screen by screen, with clients approval and opinions included with every step of the way with collaborative apps like inVision. Once signed off, we can start development.

Test & Deploy

Once development is complete, we upload the app to iTunes Connect or the Google Developer Console for testing and ironing out all the bugs. Even though the app is tested throughout the development, we move onto the more advanced trialling, where the client is actively involved in trying out the app as a product rather than prototype with software like TestFlight and HockeyApp. When we are happy that the app is polished and bug-free; it’s ready for prime-time deployment.

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The Future

Deliver & Support

The next phase of a mobile app development project is one of the most exciting parts; delivering the finished app to the client and submitting to the App stores! Ether has built a strong understanding of the requirements needed for app store approval, which can sometimes be quite extensive and complex. We also work on building the most effective marketing strategy for the app and upcoming releases, providing in-depth user descriptions and screenshots right through to relevant print and digital marketing material. When the app is ready for release we ensure that both we and our clients are 100% happy with everything.

Manage & Grow

Once the app is released, it doesn’t mean that our relationship with our clients is over. Quite the opposite. We offer a fantastic support system to all our clients, where we are always on hand to give any advice and support through the whole lifespan of the app. Depending on our clients, we give the option to manage the app for them, or provide the tools and knowledge for them to maintain it on their own. We never believe a project is ever fully finished, and understand that apps need to be updated and adapt to the latest mobile trends and technology availability.

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