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Moxi Health

Moxi is changing the way businesses and teams stay healthy at work. Working closely with David, Moxi's founder, Ether are helping design and build a next-generation health and wellness tool

Moxi Health

The Idea

Moxi is a fun new way to invigorate and educate your workforce on the merits of staying active and healthy. Through their health and wellness platform, they're championing a healthier community with less sickness and more meaningful and productive work.

Founded by David Fox, a trained physiotherapist, Moxi aims to create a meaningful relationship between work and staying healthy. Whether that's increasing your day-to-day exercise levels, improving your posture and environment at work or being more mindful of your work community.

Ether has been brought on board to help bring David's vision for healthier teams to life, with a full brand, product strategy, design and development engagement.

We can't wait to share more.

Building a Brand

The first stage of the project was to clearly define the brand. From the get-go we wanted Moxi to be fun, lively and vibrant. It shouldn't feel like a chore to use or look like the everyday, boring fitness app. It's more than that, and we wanted more for the brand.

Early on we developed a visual language and colour palette we felt oozed the fun and exciting attitude we wanted for the brand. With playful hand-drawn shapes and patterns, to bring life and creativity to the assets. We paired our iconic X icon this with the utterly gorgeous Seido, by Brand With Type for a fun, yet confident wordmark.

An engaging face for the brand

Once the build of the platform was complete, we set about desinging and buidling the marketing site. The idea for the site was to replicate the dynamism and energy we wanted users to feel when using the app, using animations and dynamic layouts we were able to successfully create an engaging experience for Moxi's audience. The effort was so successful, that the site was featured by Design Rush in the best website design category.