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Making a house a Holme.  Holme is a boutique furniture and interior lifestyle shop in Tunbridge Wells. …

Making a splash with Fishkeeper.co.uk

We have been working with Maidenhead aquatics on a number of digital projects since August of 2013. Over the…

Paul Gatehouse

Mixing the sound of the UK Paul Gatehouse is one of the most prestigious and respected mixers in the UK tod…

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Zari - Some Amazing Apples

Posted on 28th October by Alex

Zari, a type of apple grown in the UK by AC Goatham & son,  partnered with Ether Creative to bring this apple a new lease of life.   [image url="http://ethercreative.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/ZARI-1.png " columns="12"]   Usin

Illustrated People

Posted on 8th January by Alex

Here at Ether Creative, we feel there are no limits to creativity. We have recently hired a talented illustrator and artist. Her first project was to draw the lovely people at Scede; one of our long-term clients. They approached us to redefine their '

Pole of Cold

Posted on 9th November by Alex

[image url="http://ethercreative.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/pole-cold.png " columns="12"] Chasing Winter The charity came to Ether to design a website and brand  ‘Pole of Cold’ - a 30,000km expedition to the coldest places on earth; from Europe an

Goupie- chocolate heaven

Posted on 1st December by Alex

What happens when two successful people from the advertising sector decide to downsize? They make wonderful chocolate of course! Joe and Janet Simpson needed a vehicle to start really promoting their unique product - Goupie.  This chocolaty treat was begin

Drumdrops-Supplying the beat

Posted on 1st February by Alex

The ultimate one-stop beat shop. Drumdrops supply the finest live drum multi-tracks, stems, drum loops, drum samples and single hit kits. Ether Creative built a web app to store and deliver the huge catalogue of sounds. This is a great example of a proj